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Students airbrushed in school photos

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 pper

A high school in Victoria has come under fire for airbrushing the school photos of its students.

Pupils at Daylesford Secondary College say their piercings; acne, freckles and even facial hair were removed from their photographs without their consent.

Year 10 student Jacki Lipplegoes said she was shocked when she saw her photo didn't look like her.

“I pulled my photo from the folder and saw there was something wrong with my nose. I was really confused,” she told the Daily Mail.

“One of my friends noticed they had photoshopped my piercing out.

“It's like they were trying to make the perfect teenager.”

Jacki said her classmate Ethan Brown had his eyebrows edited to remove his monobrow.

Principal Graeme Holmes admitted the school had made a mistake.

'I acknowledge that we took the wrong approach in photoshopping piercings out of our school photos and I can assure the school community that this will not happen again,' he said in a statement.

'We do allow our students to have facial piercings - however, due to safety reasons, those piercings may only be studs, and cannot include rings, sleepers or hoops.”

However 15-year-old Annemieke Visser said her nose stud was still blurred in her photographs.

“My nose ring was photoshopped and my face was airbrushed,” she told the Daily Mail.

“It kind of felt like they didn't like your image so they had to change it.

“It’s sad to think a school needs to alter appearances.”

Mr Holmes said students would be offered the original prints for free.

"Next year, we will ensure that students have plenty of notice that they will only be able to participate in school photos if they meet our uniform policy," he said.